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We use integrative and alternative cancer medicine to intelligently synthesize modern health care with the most innovative, effective, and well-researched therapies in natural medicine.

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Conventional Oncology

low dose chemotherapy

Chemo needed? Consider low dose chemo.

In the oncology world this is called metronomic chemotherapy. It consists of a lower dose than the full chemo regimen, weekly. But even this can have major side effects. However, such integrative therapies as mistletoe, IV Vitamin C, IV ALA, and a well-designed oral program...

cancer lab tests

Lab Tests Help Evaluate Terrain

If you have the diagnosis of cancer, having a healthy biological terrain is essential during all treatment. And many typical lab tests can help evaluate your terrain: C-reactive protein, Vitamin D levels, G6 PD levels for IV Vitamin C), homocysteine level, and fibrinogen. Insist that on...

tumor microenvironment

Tumor Microenvironment: What It Has to Do with You

Many of you have heard me use the term Tumor Microenvironment as part of the three-fold approach that integrative cancer medicine takes to help people with cancer. What does this mean? Tumor microenvironment is the tissues and cells around where your cancer has grown. A central tenant of...

cancer stem cells

Cancer Stem Cells and Why They Matter

Stem cells seem to be the latest rage in cancer medicine and in alternative medicine, with promises that this or that product will get rid of stem cells so we can stay healthy or in remission from a chronic condition like cancer, or prevent a...


Fasting and Chemotherapy: Improving Outcomes

A recent study shows that we might be able to catch cancer cells off-guard by using an ancient and whole-body practice: fasting. Fasting has long been used as part of various cultural traditions and has more recently gained favor in alternative and complementary medicine. But...

COVID-19 Policy: Because of the severity of this pandemic with its many variants, and because there is so much we do not know, we ask when you come to the office to see Dr. Zieve, that you wear a mask that covers both your mouth and nose. This is mandatory even if you have already received a vaccine. Thank you for your cooperation.