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Nutrients and the Mediterranean Diet

mediterranean diet

Nutrients and the Mediterranean Diet

Many nutrients are associated with lowered risk of certain cancers, and are therefore preventative. Most are antioxidants and flavonoids, some are minerals, vitamins, proteins and oils. They abound in the traditional foods of our ancestors that can be hunted, milked, fished, picked or gathered.

Lowered risk from all cancers, and longer survival with cancers, is associated with low caloric intake. Periodic fasting extends the human lifespan.

The absolute taboos in the diet of cancer patients are high sugar foods and red meat raised by contemporary agri- business methods.

The modern agricultural-based diet is significantly different from the diet of our hunter-gatherer ancestors. Our ancestors had very low rates of cancer. consumption of coarse vegetation, especially the herbaceous or aerial parts of plants.

The best established diet for cancer prevention and treatment is the Mediterranean Diet. This is not a new fad based on a theory. It is based on the observed benefit of a traditional diet of people living in an agricultural, rather than a hunter-gatherer civilization. It emphasizes fresh vegetables, whole grains, olive oil, seafood, fruit, legumes, and potatoes, moderate wine, and little meat, full-fat dairy, poultry, refined cereals or sugars.

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